Halloween Alternative

Seasonal Fun for Everyone!

God's Word In Time /Sep. 28, 2021
Seasonal Fun for Everyone!

Have you ever considered getting your families involved in a group effort to make a difference at Halloween? This year make it easy for them by putting together a group order of easy-to-distribute items!

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Create an order form using pictures of the items (click to the website, right click on the image, choose “save image,” click on your Word document, right click and choose paste, click on the image and use the square in the corner to resize)
  2. Detail where/how/when families should return their completed order forms and payment.
  3. When you have collected all of the completed order forms, place your order at Godswordintime.com and use the code FALL15 to save $15 on orders of $100 or more!
  4. Distribute the ordered items to families and thank them for sharing Jesus in their neighborhoods.

Families will appreciate that you teamed up with them, and these stickers and bubbles give them non-food items that will effectively share the truth that Jesus is the Savior. Check it out and then try the group ordering process today!