30 Days of Thanksgiving in November

God's Word In Time /Oct. 10, 2021
30 Days of Thanksgiving in November

As you plan for next month and are looking for various ways to help children keep God’s many blessings top of mind, you may want to choose from the ideas below, ranging from projects to community service to appreciating family and volunteers. 

Feel free to forward to someone you think would find these helpful, as well. 

  1. Write the word NOVEMBER along the side of your paper. Think of one or more things that start with each letter in November and write them down next to the appropriate letter.
  2. November has 30 days. How quickly can you list 30 things for which you’re thankful?
  3. Today make a point to tell someone “thank you,” showing that person your appreciation.
  4. Create an art project that you can give as a gift to a grandparent, neighbor, or church friend.
  5. Fill in these sentences and pray this prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank You for [name your family members]. Thank You for [name a friend or two]. Help me to [name something kind you can do for them]. Thank You, dear Savior! Amen.

  1. Work together with your classmates to create cards for the firefighters and other helpful workers in your local community.
  2. Draw your family members and thank God for them.
  3. Surprise person who delivers mail to your school with a gift basket put together by your class.
  4. Make a list of three great things God provided in your life yesterday and pray a prayer of thanks.
  5. Cut out flower shapes or geometric shapes. On each shape, write one person you are thankful for. Tape or glue each shape to a craft stick. Keep the craft sticks in a plastic cup (arranged like a bouquet). Choose one stick each day and say a prayer of thanks for that person.
  6. Write a cheer that thanks your teacher, principal, or other school staff member. Practice it with some friends and make them smile with your performance.
  7. Organize a Saturday morning leaf-raking or other service party for someone who may need help with yardwork.
  8. Write down 5 things you appreciate about your pastor and read your list to your pastor.
  9. Find a book or toy that’s only gently used and donate it to a local resell-it shop so someone else can enjoy it. Thank God for helping you to make someone else happy with it.
  10. Play this game with two friends: one person keeps the time (1 minute); one person keeps the score (1 point for every item); one person names a giant list of people and things you’re thankful for. Take turns and switch roles.
  11. Look in the mirror and thank God for making you you.
  12. As a class, create bookmarks that say, “Thank You, Jesus, for Your love!” Decorate the bookmarks and distribute them to school parents or church members.
  13. Write down something that you’re good at doing. Thank God for that ability and ask Him to help you see how you can use it to help someone else.
  14. Think of one way you can make a family member smile today. When that person smiles, tell him or her that you are thankful for smiling together.
  15. How old are you? Thank God for that number of people who take care of you or have taught you about Jesus.
  16. Make a colorful design using all of your favorite colors. Thank God for creating color and for creativity!
  17. Think of one person you see during the week that you could smile at and say, “Jesus loves you today and always!” Thank Jesus for His love.
  18. Fold a paper in fourths and make a thank-you card for a friend. Thank that person for being your friend.
  19. Write a note to a teacher, pastor, or another staff member, telling that person the thing you most appreciate about him or her. Finish your note with “I thank God for you!”
  20. Set your timer for 2 minutes and write down every plant and animal that you can think of that you are thankful for.
  21. Draw a picture or write a letter to God and tell Him about one place that you are thankful for.
  22. Find a Bible verse about giving thanks and create a drawing with that verse on it. Display the drawing where you can see it often and memorize the verse.
  23. Start your day with these sentences: Good morning, Jesus! Thank you for . . .
  24. Choose a favorite way to exercise. While you move, thank God for your ability to move.
  25. Say a prayer to God and tell Him all the reasons that you are thankful for Jesus in your life.