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Event Set - Run and Tell!


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Hosting an Easter event with our Run and Tell Event Outline or looking for a fun addition to your church Easter Egg Hunt, Palm Sunday Fair, or Sunday service? Be prepared as you share the message of Easter with the children of your church and community this season with our Run and Tell Event Set.

The set features softcover books detailing the Easter story, goodie bags, plastic tumblers, and a megaphone activity that the kids in your ministry can complete during the event or take home for a fun reminder of why we celebrate. Serve snacks or juice in the Plastic Tumblers (which kids can take home and use all season long). And use the megaphone activity as part of the Run and Tell Digital Event Guide—a craft to remind children to “go and tell” the resurrection story.

It’s the perfect way to encourage parents to talk about the Easter story with their kids even after leaving the event and for years to come!

This pack contains:
- 12 Softcover Books
- 12 Goodie Bags
- 12 Plastic Tumblers
- 2 packs of Megaphone Activity (6 pieces in each)

Go quickly, and tell his disciples that He is risen from the dead. Matthew 28:7 KJV

Ages 3+