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Christmas Service Pack - One Night in Bethlehem



Product Details

Kids often need specialized programs that will speak to their level; yet, creating these programs requires a lot of time and effort in a busy ministry climate. This is especially true at Christmastime. Look no further—the One Night in Bethlehem Christmas Service Pack, is an absolutely free gift for you!

This service pack provides everything necessary for Christmas services for your kids ministry, tailored just for preschoolers and elementary students.


  • Complete Guide for Elementary Student Service
  • Complete Guide for Preschool Service
  • PowerPoint copy of One Night in Bethlehem Softcover Book for a guided read along of the book
  • Entire package of the One Night in Bethlehem original song, written by Nathan Lawrence.
  • Lyrics and Sheet Music
  • Vocals in .wav or .mp3 format
  • Piano-only version in .wav or .mp3 format

See how One Night in Bethlehem answers all your Christmas needs.